Bathroom garden tub with lush greenery and relaxing decor ideas

Bathroom garden tub decorating ideas


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When considering revamping your bathroom, decorating ideas for garden tubs can transform your old bathroom into a stunning garden-like retreat. A garden tub, with its generous size and inviting curves, offers a sanctuary for soaking and unwinding after a long day. The right decor ideas for your tub surround not only enhance the aesthetics of your master bathroom but also contribute to a more serene and calming atmosphere. In this article, we’ll explore design ideas and decorating strategies to turn even the smallest bathroom into an intimate space featuring a luxurious garden tub as the focal point.

Introduction to Garden Tub Decor

Understanding the fundamentals of garden tubs is key when bringing design concepts to life in your master bath. These tubs are deeper and often wider than standard bathtubs, providing a more luxurious soaking experience. Garden tubs were traditionally found in outdoor bathrooms but have migrated indoors, becoming a centerpiece in modern home decor. Enhancing the smallest bathroom with strategic decorating ideas for your bathtub surround will create an inviting atmosphere where tranquility meets functionality.

The importance of creating a relaxing bathroom environment cannot be overstated. Since the bathroom is one of the few places where one can seek solitude and rejuvenation, infusing the space surrounding your tub with the right design elements is a great way to ensure your bathing experience feels more spa-like.

Garden-inspired bathroom tub decor with elegant botanical touches

Designing for Comfort and Style

A garden tub’s aesthetic charm can be elevated significantly by adding greenery to bring a touch of nature inside. Good plants that do well in bath environments might include low-light-friendly species like snake plants or humidity-loving ferns. The water features from your tub will help these water plants thrive, offering both aesthetic pleasure and air-purifying benefits. As for color schemes, selecting hues that emulate the serenity of the outdoors, such as earth tones or calming blues, will further integrate the outdoor baths vibe into your design.

Another aspect to consider for a cohesive modern look in your garden tub area is the tub surround. White tiles with subtle patterns or stone-inspired designs can provide a neutral backdrop that allows your other decor elements to shine. If space and budget allow, pairing your tub with an outdoor shower feature could also extend the garden theme and afford an even more diverse cleansing experience.

Enhancing Your Garden Tub Experience with Accessories

Your selection of accessories will play a substantial role in optimizing comfort and functionality. Here are some suggestions to accessorize your bath area:

  1. Bath Caddies and Trays: Opt for caddies that span the width of your garden tub to hold books, soaps, and a glass of wine for those longer indulgent soaks.
  2. Aromatherapy: Infuse your bathroom with essential oils or bath salts that promote relaxation and enhance mental clarity.
  3. Waterproof Pillows and Cushions: These elevate comfort and allow you to lay back fully without any neck strain.

Items like plush towels and bath robes can also be elements of the decorating ideas you incorporate, as they add texture and warmth to the surroundings.

Inviting bathroom garden tub adorned with nature-inspired styling

Lighting Strategies for Your Garden Tub Area

In creating the right ambience for your garden tub space, lighting is crucial. One way to ensure consistency is by harnessing as much natural light as possible, which can be achieved with the use of strategically placed windows or skylights. Candles around your bathtub create an intimate and romantic setting, and for a modern twist, consider waterproof LED lights that can add a gentle glow to your soaks without the fire hazard.

Here’s where you can get even more creative with your lighting:

  1. Using dimmer switches to adjust the mood as needed.
  2. Incorporating floating waterproof lights for a whimsical effect.

The right light setting will not only enhance the beauty of your garden tub but will also help you to unwind even more effectively.

Space Management and Organization

Clever storage and organization solutions are essential to maintain the serene atmosphere of your garden tub space. Look for smart storage solutions that suit your needs and stylistic preferences. Multi-tiered racks or hanging baskets can be great for housing toiletries and bath essentials without contributing to a cluttered feel. In the smallest bathroom, making use of vertical space with floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets is an effective way to store towels and accessories while maintaining a tidy look.

If you’re considering a bathrooms remodel, think of incorporating built-ins as they give a seamless, high-end finish. A table like the one below could be instrumental in planning your project:

FeatureStorage TypeNotes
Built-in ShelvingRecessedIdeal for smaller spaces; keeps items out of the way
Floating ShelvesSurface-mountedModern look; ideal for displaying decor items
Hanging BasketsSuspendedPortable; adds a boho touch to the decor

With the right selection and arrangement of these features, you can maintain both the beauty and functionality of your bathroom garden tub area.

Personal Touches to Make the Space Yours

DIY projects can offer a personal touch and a sense of accomplishment when they’re part of your bathroom’s decor. You might want to consider homemade bath bombs, crafted caddies, or even hand-painted tiles. Artwork and wall decor are other embellishments that lend personal flair to your space; choose themes that evoke relaxation or carry personal significance to you.

Linens and curtains are not just functional elements but can also serve as prime vehicles for your style. Opting for high-quality towels in chosen colors and integrating curtains that complement the overall aesthetic can greatly enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Remember, the goal is to create a space that reflects your unique tastes and vision for your dream bathroom.

Decorative bathroom garden tub surrounded by cozy botanical accents


In conclusion, decorating a garden tub in your bathroom offers a unique opportunity to create a sanctuary that rejuvenates your mind and body. By considering elements such as greenery, lighting, and personalized touches, you can transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis that reflects your taste and provides the ultimate relaxation experience. With practical and stylish ideas, your garden tub will become more than just a part of your daily routine; it will become a focal point where luxury and comfort collide.


What is the best plant to keep in a bathroom with a garden tub?

The best plants for a bathroom with a garden tub are those that thrive in high moisture and lower light conditions, such as ferns, peace lilies, and bamboo. These plants do well with the steam and can enhance the spa-like feel of your bathroom.

How can I maximize space in my bathroom with a garden tub?

You can maximize space by using wall-mounted shelves, corner caddies, and choosing multi-purpose accessories that serve as both functional and decorative items. Making use of vertical space is key, especially in smaller bathrooms.

What are some budget-friendly ways to decorate a garden tub?

Affordable ways to decorate include DIY projects like homemade bath salts or candles, using repurposed containers for storage, and adding affordable waterproof artwork or decals. Focus on elements that offer high impact without a high price tag.

Is it safe to have electrical fixtures around a garden tub?

It is safe as long as they are properly installed, waterproof, and meet the safety standards for bathroom use. It’s best to consult with an electrician for any lighting installations to ensure all safety protocols are followed.

How often should I change the decor around my garden tub?

You may change decor as often as you like to match the seasons, your evolving taste, or whenever you feel the space needs refreshing. However, opting for durable and timeless pieces that require less frequent updates can be a practical choice for maintaining a consistent look with minimal effort.

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