Tips for Efficiently Storing Wrapping Paper

How to organize wrapping paper


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Organizing wrapping paper can be a hassle, but with a few simple methods, it becomes manageable and even enjoyable. By following these practical steps, you can keep your wrapping paper neat, accessible, and ready for any occasion. In this article, we will guide you through the best ways to organize your wrapping paper efficiently and effectively.

1. Categorize Your Wrapping Paper

The first step in organizing your wrapping paper is to categorize it. This will help you keep track of what you have and ensure that you can find the right paper for any occasion quickly. Consider sorting your wrapping paper by the following categories:

  • Occasion: Birthday, Christmas, Weddings, etc.
  • Pattern: Stripes, polka dots, floral, etc.
  • Color: Solid colors, metallics, pastels, etc.

By categorizing your wrapping paper, you’ll ensure that you can easily locate the perfect wrap for any gift and avoid buying duplicates.

2. Use Storage Containers

Once your wrapping paper is categorized, you’ll need appropriate storage solutions. Various containers are available to keep your rolls and sheets organized. Here are some effective storage options:

  • Hanging Organizers: Hang them in a closet or behind a door to save space.
  • Plastic Bins: Store your wrapping paper horizontally in long, under-bed storage bins.
  • Shelves and Baskets: Use vertical space in your craft room or office with labeled baskets or shelves.

Choosing the right storage container depends on your space and personal preference. The key is to keep your wrapping paper easy to access and tucked away neatly.

3. Label Everything

Labeling is an often overlooked step that can make a significant difference in maintaining an organized wrapping paper collection. Labels can be used to identify categories, container contents, and even individual rolls of wrapping paper. Here’s a simple process to label your wrapping paper:

  1. Use a label maker or write labels by hand on small sticky notes.
  2. Attach labels to the sides of storage bins, baskets, or shelves.
  3. For individual rolls, create small tags that can be tied or taped to the roll ends.

By labeling everything, you’ll immediately know where to find specific wrapping paper and keep your collection systematically organized.

Creative Ideas for Wrapping Paper Organization

4. Store Wrapping Accessories Together

Don’t forget about the other essentials that accompany gift wrapping. Items such as scissors, tape, ribbons, bows, tags, and cards should all have a designated storage space. Keeping these accessories together will streamline the gift-wrapping process and prevent last-minute searches for misplaced items.

Consider using a caddy or small drawer organizer for these accessories. If you use a caddy, make sure it is portable so you can easily carry it wherever you need to wrap gifts. For drawer organizers, use dividers to separate different types of accessories so that everything has its place.

5. Keep Frequently Used Items Handy

It’s practical to keep the wrapping paper and accessories you use most often easily accessible. For instance, you might place the current season’s wrapping paper and frequently used supplies in a special spot in your workspace or a craft room. You can rotate these items based on the time of year or upcoming events, ensuring that your wrapping essentials are always at your fingertips.

A small desktop organizer or a basket on a shelf can serve as a perfect spot for these frequently used items. Always remember to return items to their designated spots after use to maintain order and efficiency in your wrapping paper organization.


Organizing your wrapping paper doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By categorizing your paper, using appropriate storage containers, labeling everything, storing accessories together, and keeping frequently used items handy, you can create an efficient and tidy wrapping paper system. Not only will this save time and reduce stress, but it will also make the gift-wrapping process much more enjoyable.


1. How can I prevent my wrapping paper from getting wrinkled?

To prevent wrinkles, store your wrapping paper in a way that minimizes movement, such as in a hanging organizer or long, flat storage bin. Keeping rolls tightly secured with rubber bands or paper clips can also help.

2. What is the best way to store small scraps of wrapping paper?

Use a dedicated folder or accordion file to store small scraps of wrapping paper. This will keep them flat and organized by size or pattern, ready for use in smaller wrapping projects or crafts.

3. How should I store gift bags and tissue paper?

Gift bags can be nested together and hung on hooks or stored in a large bin. Tissue paper should be stored flat in a drawer or an organizer to prevent wrinkles and keep it easily accessible.

4. Can I use regular storage bins for wrapping paper?

Yes, regular storage bins can be used as long as they are long enough to accommodate the rolls. Ensure that the bins are sturdy and can be easily accessed to maintain convenience and order.

5. How often should I reorganize my wrapping paper collection?

Reorganize your wrapping paper collection once or twice a year, or after major gift-giving events like Christmas or birthdays. This helps keep your collection up-to-date and prevents unnecessary clutter.

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